It’s like it has become more vivid in our streets. It is pleasant  to see that more and more young people are spotted in our citycenter . In groups, on foot, by bicycle and even scooters and  in cars. Are they interested in our nice town ? In their hands they all are holding a phone and have their eyes fixed on the screen. They are our young Pokeman and  Pokewoman.  They come out of the houses to chase on the phone to the fiction figures incorporated in maps by smart software designers. It is big business that originated in an extremely short time. Even at ungodly hours “Pokemonners” fly out to hunt for something that is not real exists. Older people, for whom an iPhone something unknown is, scare sometimes wild, where they are sitting quietly on a bench to rest and than hear suddenly : “There he is,” “get him ! “. In our museum a group of youths wanted to visit the park, because “there he is in the barn” . “You do have to pay fort he entrance” was the reaction of our active volunteers. A world of possibilities opens up. A new way to attract visitors ?

Pokemon also has his positive side. Now the youngsters at least once are at least in the great outdoors and they ride more often their bikes, walk now in places they normally never would visit. You can ask Yourself if they are taking notice of their surroundings wenn they are Pokemon hunting . Chasing a fiction figure is actually  a phantom hunt. It’s all new, this pokemon story, but there is also a great opportunity here, to tie education to the digital world. Elaboration of the system to a hunt for images of people who really existed, to visit the cities where they have lived and go to places where historical events have taken place,  gives the whole Pokemon system a boost. Relive in an event, participate in a battle and even be able to change history  :  then you do have an educational and exiting and valuable aspect for Pokemon.

Experiences during your holydays, or by a school trip will be intensified  The digital world is a world with great possibilities, but only working with fiction of course, should not prevail. Incorperation of fiction into the real world will be the future and gives us great adventages.

Column sept.2016 Rob Meijer Ootmarsum Netherlands